Preparing for Flooding in Your Omaha Homes

Basement Drainage Professionals in Omaha

During this summer season, Omaha has been hit with lots of rain, and flooding has become a major problem. If you are experiencing flooding in your basement, you might feel as though you do not know what to do. Jerry’s Waterproofing is here to help, we can offer you help by installing basement drainage systems and helping you keep up with sump pump installation.

flooding in Omaha NE

Basement drainage systems will not only provide you with relief from current flooding and water damage but can help you to prevent future water damage, as well. Basement drainage systems can help you keep your possessions and your home safe from flooding. There are two different types of basement drainage systems, there are exterior and interior drainage systems. Each has its own task, but both will help you keep water away from your home and its foundation.

Basement Drainage Options for Nebraska

An exterior drainage system is the most expensive waterproofing service and can be invasive to the surrounding area, however, it is the most effective water control approach. This will help to keep water away from your home. The water won’t have a chance to enter your home as it will be kept away by this system.

An interior drainage system is the most common drainage system and is usually what is installed if you are experiencing flooding. The interior drainage system will be paired with your sump pump system to further control the excess water. The interior drainage system will divert water to your sump pump system which will push water outside and away from your home. Depending on your home’s specific situation, an interior drainage system may be placed in a variety of places such as above, within, or beneath the slab.

Whatever your choice, we will help you to keep water out of your basement. We are your number one basement drainage team in Omaha! If you are having flooding problems, or even just need basement waterproofing in general, give us a call today!

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