What To Do If You Notice Basement Drainage in Iowa

Basement drainage may seem quite scary at first, but it is one of the most common water problems we see in Iowa and Nebraska. Now that we’re in the midst of spring, you may be noticing some basement drainage due to all of the snow melting, and rain we’ve recently had. While water in your basement is never a good sign, and you should always have these issues checked out by a professional, you may be relieved to know that this common water problem can be avoided with minimal maintenance. Read through this post to learn about some of the common causes, and what to do if you notice basement drainage this spring.

Basement drainage can be caused by a number of things, but you can help dissolve the issue by maintaining these few things throughout the year as needed:

Clean Your Gutters

Tree debris like leaves, sticks, seeds, and flowers often clog gutters, which means that rainwater cannot be effectively drained away from the foundation. If water is not correctly drained away from the foundation, it will seep into small cracks, eventually finding its way into your basement. Keep your gutters clear of debris, and be sure that the water is directed away from the foundation by at least 10 feet.

Create Foundation-Friendly Landscaping

Clay-based soils should be used around the home’s foundation and should be sloped away from any exterior walls. If possible, avoid adding mulch, rocks, and other loose soils next to the house as well. Though it may look nice, if the soil below isn’t graded correctly, water will travel directly down through the mulch and soil, and eventually into your basement. The ten feet of area closest to the structure should slope at least six inches downward, which will help keep water from draining into the basement or flooding around the foundation.

Look for Cracks

Do some self inspecting around your home each spring! Look for any new or larger cracks in your walls and floors. Generally cracks measuring .064″ or smaller do not allow water to enter, but any cracks larger than that are in need of repair and should be addressed immediately to avoid any further damage.

Call the Pros

We know that foundation issues are never fun to address, but if you notice any changes to your foundation, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate. Not only will we fix the issue, we will also find the root of the problem!