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Helical Pier Installation in Iowa and Nebraska

helical piers

If your home has foundation problems such as sticking windows, settling foundations, sagging floors, or foundation cracks, you may need foundation repairs. Foundations that are exposed to high levels of moisture over a long period of time tend to encounter settlement. Ignoring these signs could lower the value of your property and compromise the structure of your home. At Jerry's Waterproofing, we can inspect your foundation and determine the source of your foundation issues. We offer quality helical piers by Earth Contact Products to make your foundation safe and sound.

Originally, helical piers, also called helical piles, were originally developed to structurally support lighthouses. Over the years, the use of helical piers has expanded, supporting foundations for new and old homes across the country.

Helical Pier Installation in Nebraska

helical piers used to repair sinking foundations in omaha nebraskaA mini excavator or skid-steer loader with a hydraulic auger is used to install the helical piers. The installation process involves the following steps:

  1. The footer is exposed and notched.
  2. Piers are hydraulically screwed into the soil.
  3. The weight bearing capacity of the pier is measured from the force it takes to rotate the pier.
  4. The pier reaches suitable soil.
  5. The top of the pier is cut at the appropriate height, then a lifting bracket is placed between the bottom of the footer and the top of the pier.
  6. Hydraulic jacks lift the foundation.
  7. Piers are secured, then the hydraulic jacks are removed.
  8. The hole is backfilled.

Benefits of Helical Piers in Omaha, NE

  • Low impact installation process
  • Can be applied to constricted areas
  • Helical Pier Installation in NE and IAQuick installation
  • More than one pier can be installed in one day
  • Can be installed to existing foundations
  • Strengthens foundations
  • Used for shoreside communities
  • Applied to new and old constructions
  • Little to no vibration during installation
  • Doesn't create excavation spoils
  • Environmentally friendly
  • All weather installation
  • Uses portable equipment
  • Applied to heavy commercial areas, additions, backyard decks, and more

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