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Carbon Fiber Bowing Wall Repair

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If the foundation walls of your home are bowed, it can be due to several reasons. The age of the structure, poor construction, and hydrostatic pressure from the soil outside of the foundation can all be contributing factors to foundation problems.

Occasionally, roots from nearby trees put additional pressure on the foundation walls. Construction problems may be caused by a lack of rebar, inadequate exterior drainage, improper backfilling, or not grading away from the foundation. Hydrostatic (water) pressure is the most common cause of problems. This is made worse during freeze and thaw cycles, which is why many walls bow or lean just below the frost line.

What is Carbon Fiber Repair?

Carbon fiber wall supports are an ideal solution for bowing foundation walls because it connects the foundation to the frame of the structure. The carbon fiber is attached to the wall with a bracket and secured to the floor with a carbon fiber pin. The carbon fiber can be fastened to either block or poured concrete and provides for an even distribution of outside pressure. This not only prevents bowing, but repairs foundation cracks. Carbon fiber wall supports are clean, quick, and easy to install and are less expensive than most other repair options. In the end, the wall has a smooth, flat finish that is nearly invisible when painted. It can also be installed on bowing walls in crawl spaces. Jerry's Waterproofing uses Rhino Carbon Fiber, the best choice in the industry.

How is Carbon Fiber Installed?

There are eight steps in installing carbon fiber:

  1. The entire wall of the foundation which will hold the carbon fiber is ground down to a clean surface. All caulk and loose mortar are removed from the joints.
  2. All cracks are repaired with hydraulic cement or epoxy.
  3. The sill plate at the top of the wall is measured and predrilled for installation.
  4. A hole is drilled in the footing at the center of the installation.
  5. The carbon fiber is attached to the sill plate with epoxy.
  6. The sill plate bracket is mounted on top of the carbon fiber.
  7. The carbon fiber strap is applied to the wall with epoxy.
  8. The bottom of the carbon fiber strap is anchored to the wall.

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