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If you have a basement prone to water seepage you know that moment of trepidation when you go down the stairs for the first time after a heavy rain: Is there standing water? Was everything off the ground far enough to avoid damage? Am I going to feel like I am sinking into the carpet? Thankfully, there are several basement waterproofing solutions that can remove that dread and give you the peace of mind that your basement will remain usable no matter the weather.

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What Causes Basement Water Problems?

basement waterproofing Omaha NESince most of Nebraska consists of clay soils, the state is more susceptible to foundation problems than other areas. During heavy rainfalls, water saturates the soil around or beneath a home's foundation. As the water pressure increases in the soil, it creates pressure against the foundation walls. As a result, cracks and gaps form throughout the foundation wall. Water seeps through the cracks, creating standing water or flooding basements.

It is important for homeowners to keep water drained away from the foundation. Check the following areas of your home to prevent poor drainage.

  • Gutters/Downspouts: Missing gutters or insufficient downspouts can cause water to accumulate around your home. This excess moisture swells and expands clay soils, often causing foundation settlement.
  • Trees: Trees should not be planted too close to the foundation to prevent moisture from drawing away from the foundation.
  • Sloped Landscapes: If the land slopes toward the home, the lot may not be properly graded. Water may run towards the foundation rather than drain away.
  • Sprinkler Systems: Irrigation systems can saturate the soil in the wrong places and cause problems.

How Do You Waterproof a Basement?

Thankfully there are several different waterproofing methods that we can use to make sure your basement stays dry. This allows us to customize the solution to your home’s specific problems.

Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

When it comes to exterior waterproofing options, they generally function with one of two goals in mind: Move water away from your basement or keep water from getting through your basement walls.

French Drains and Channel Drains

When it comes from directing water away from your house, two options are French drains and channel drains, which use perforated or slotted piping to carry water away.

With a French drain, installation involves digging a ditch and inserting the pipe into it at a grade that takes the water away from the house. The ditch is then covered with gravel. Essentially the drain makes sure the water’s path of least resistance runs away from your house instead of toward it where it can cause damage.

Catch basins also allow for the collection and dissipation of water in ways that won’t threaten your basement.

Waterproofing membranes

waterproofing membrane installationWhile those methods direct water away from your house, reducing the hydrostatic pressure, an exterior waterproofing membrane can build up the defenses of your basement walls against any water that remains close to your home.

Jerry's Waterproofing uses TUFF-N-DRI waterproofing membranes, including a drainage board. The membrane is a tough, resilient membrane applied to foundation walls for unsurpassed performance. Whether you have a poured concrete or masonry block foundation, it creates a strong bond so water won't enter.

The system includes a drainage board to keep water away from basement walls. It also insulates the basement, creating a more comfortable living area for your family.

Interior Waterproofing Solutions

Sumps pumps

When most people think basement waterproofing, a sump pump is probably the first thing that comes to mind.

Sump pumps are installed in a covered, lined hole in your basement floor, known as a sump pit. When enough water drains into the sump pit, the sump pump activates, pumping the water out of your house and far enough into your yard to keep it from causing more problems.

Some of our sump pumps have battery backups so they can keep your basement dry even if a storm knocks out your power. This is especially handy given that heavy storms are often the time you rely on your sump pump the most.

Basement Drainage Systems

Sump pumps are a necessary part of most interior waterproofing systems. They are useless, however, if the water isn’t directed into the sump pit.

That is where basement drainage systems come into play, with drainage tile being laid along the basement walls.

The following are among the usual steps in the installation process:

  1. We break up the concrete floor around the perimeter of the basement and dig a trench.
  2. If you have a block basement wall, we drill weep holes into the blocks, allowing any water that accumulates in the basement walls to flow directly into the drainage system.
  3. We lay perforated drainage tile in the trench, with the tile connecting either to a sump pit or other drainage area.
  4. We install a drainage membrane on the exposed wall and then fill the pit with gravel to add increased drainage capability.
  5. We cover the gravel with a layer of concrete, restoring the basement floor.

This system takes the water that would otherwise be flooding your basement floor and directs it outside, keeping your home dry.

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