How to Deal With a Flooded Basement

No matter how it happens, a pipe bursting or a heavy storm coming through, a flooded basement is always a headache to deal with. At Jerry’s Waterproofing we can help get your basement back to normal and make sure the flooding doesn’t happen again. But sometimes a flood causes a panic and you want to do something right away. There actually plenty of things you can do to deal with a flooded basement. By taking these steps and calling an expert like Jerry’s, you can be sure your home will be taken care of in no time. 

1. Shut Off Power To Your Basement 

Electricity and water do not mix. Once the basement starts to fill up with water, it can be dangerous if the power is still running. Make sure to cut off the power before going anywhere near the basement. You should also be sure you are wearing proper protective gear before stepping into the water, like rubber boots. There may be a lot of damage to look at, but safety should be your number one concern. 

2. Contact Your Insurance Company

Depending on the cause of the flood and what kind of insurance you have, insurance may be able to help cover some of the damages. If the water is coming from a in issue within the home like a burst pipe, your homeowners insurance should cover it. Otherwise, you need flood insurance to cover flooding from a natural disaster. Be sure to take plenty of pictures of the damage for both the insurance company and yourself. 

3. Salvage Your Belongings 

Water can cause a lot of damage to your belongings, so make sure to remove what can be saved to minimize the damage. Unfortunately, you may have to throw some of your belongings away. Flood water is not clean and might damage things beyond repair. This is why it is important to act quickly! 

4. Stop the Source of the Water (If You Can)

If the flood is coming from a pipe burst, turn off the water main to stop any further flooding. Flooding from a natural disaster like a heavy storm is, unfortunately, harder to stop.

5. Drain The Water Out

Once everything is safely removed, it is time to actually get the water out. You can do this step yourself with a pump, but if you have more than two feet of water, you may want to call an expert. This is where we can help. Our experienced professionals can help you remove the water from your basement and start working on a solution to prevent future flooding. Our waterproofing solutions include the following:

With these solutions we can help return your flooded basement back to normal.

Call Jerry’s Waterproofing For a Flooded Basement

If you’re not sure where to start and need to learn how to deal with a flooded basement, Jerry’s Waterproofing can help. We help homeowners in Nebraska and Iowa repair their basements and find the right steps to take going forward. Contact us today about your flooded basement concerns and our waterproofing services.