Repair your Damaged Crawl Space in Iowa

A crawl space may seem to serve little purpose, but it serves an important function. If you live in an area with a high water table, then a crawl space is usually used in place of a basement. The crawl space elevates the home off of the ground. It can also house the plumbing and ductwork and gives access to these systems when a repair is needed.

Left unfinished, your home’s crawl space can have serious issues that can be caused by both structural as well as external conditions. When a crawl space has damage, it can cause mold growth, dampness, odor, and moisture. Each of these is a cause for concern.

A crawl space generally has all of the elements for mold growth such as moisture, food, and warm temperatures. Moisture is the dominant factor in a crawl space. Mold allergens in the crawl space can move into the home’s living spaces and cause respiratory difficulties. In addition, moisture in the crawl space can lead to structural damage from the deterioration of the wood supporting the crawl space. The extent of the damage depends on how much moisture is present and how long it has been present. Damage to the structural wood components can eventually lead to foundation shifting and settlement. An unfinished crawl space can also increase your energy costs.

Groundwater levels differ due to the amount of rain and snow received. These moisture levels are the source or crawl space moisture problems, When groundwater remains near the crawl space, water levels can range from complete flooding to small areas of standing water. If you suspect crawl space damage, Jerry’s Waterproofing has the crawl space repair solutions for you in Iowa and Nebraska.

Crawl Space Repair in Iowa

Keeping moisture out of your crawl space is necessary to keep it from causing Crawlspace repair Iowa, Crawlspace damage Nebraskastructural damage and causing mold growth. Jerry’s Waterproofing can install a vapor barrier in your crawl space to provide a non-permeable wall so that moisture cannot seep through. This vapor barrier can also keep harmful gases, such as radon that comes from the soil, out of your home. Radon makes its way into a crawl space from the ground underneath. A crawl space is exposed, with soil floors, and has no barrier to slow or prevent radon entry. By sealing a crawl space with a vapor barrier, it will also prevent radon entry.

The elimination of moisture and reducing humidity is crucial. A vapor barrier and encapsulation will help control mold growth, wood rot, insect infestation, and rodent issues. Jerry’s  Waterproofing uses vapor barriers made by Earth Contact Products (ECP), the leading manufacturer in basement waterproofing and foundation repair products in the industry.

Crawl Space Damage in Nebraska

Because Nebraska has a high water table, many homes are built with a crawl space instead of a basement. Keeping the crawl space under your Nebraska home moisture-free is important. A vapor barrier installed by Jerry’s Waterproofing will fix your crawl space damage in your Nebraska home. Sealing the crawl space from the outside air is important for moisture mitigation. Because we use high-quality ECP vapor barriers, you can be assured that it will stop water from entering your crawl space. The ECP CSVP 10 is 10-mil thick and the CSVP 16 is 16-mil thick. Building codes usually call for a 6-mil minimum vapor barrier. Thin vapor barriers do not resist tearing and punctures, so when they are damaged they lose their effectiveness. Not only are the vapor barriers that are used by ECP thicker, but they are a woven product and not a poly sheeting.

Making sure your home is healthy and safe, starts from the ground up. Keeping moisture from entering your basement or crawl space is one of the best ways to do this.

Benefits of our ECP vapor barrier are:

  • Improved air quality
  • Eliminates excessive mold and moisture
  • Reduces radon gas levels
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Seals out rodents and insects
  • Protects against wood rot
  • Increased resale value of your home

Other services Jerry’s Waterproofing offers are radon testing and mitigation, epoxy injections, exterior drainage systems, interior drainage system, and crack repair. If you require crawl space repair in your Iowa or Nebraska home, contact us for a free estimate. We will be happy to answer any questions you have. Our experts are here to help you!

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