Basement Floor Leak in Omaha – What Should You Do?

Basement Floor Leaks in Omaha, NE

Basement floor leaks are a common occurrence in homes. Because basements are underground, they are susceptible to moisture. If you have a finished or unfinished basement, water could cause major water damage and expensive repairs.

Too much moisture can ruin furniture, carpet, and personal possessions as well as promote mold growth. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional to find out why you have basement floor leaks. Contact Jerry’s Waterproofing in Omaha, NE, so we can prevent basement floor leaks. We’ll increase the longevity of your foundation.

Basement floor leaks can be easily cured by implementing good drainage techniques around the home, such as cleaning clogged gutters, installing gutter extensions, repairing broken underground pipes, avoid over-watering, and diverting groundwater away from the home. But if all methods fail, the problem may be coming from other sources. It’s important to locate the source of leaks to prevent further damage from occurring.

Causes of Basement Floor Leaks in Omaha, NE

Several factors cause basement floor leaks, such as:

Basement floor leaks can be a sign that there are cracks in your foundation.
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Homes in a high water table zone are susceptible to hydrostatic pressure. Heavy rainwater and snowmelt saturate clay soil causing the water table to rise. As a result, the pressure against the foundation walls forces water to enter the basement. Also, cracks may develop in the wall and floor, creating an opening for water seepage.
  • Lateral Pressure: The soil between the foundation footing and the surface can soak up water causing the soil to swell. Soil expansion causes lateral pressure against the foundation. Over time, this leads to foundation problems and wet basement floors.
  • Window Wells: Clogged drains or damaged window well liners can cause excess water in window wells. Water can seep into the window and end up on your basement floors.
  • Leaky or Broken Pipes: Leaking or broken pipes that run through the walls can leak and cause wet basement floors.

Solutions for Basement Floor Leaks in Omaha

Regardless of what is causing your floor leaks, our team of experts can protect your home against water intrusion. We offer basement waterproofing methods, such as:

Sump Pumps (Battery Backup Sump Pump is also available)

  • Pumps up to 5,000 gallons of water per hour
  • Equipped with 1/3 to 1/2 horsepower
  • Protects homes from flood damage
  • Reduces mold and mildew growth
  • Minimizes the risk of fire by keeping water from threatening equipment

Exterior Drainage Systems

  • Installed beneath the concrete slab
  • Can be costly, yet effective
  • Prevents mold and mildew
  • Safeguard items in the basement
  • Little to no disturbance to the work area
  • Water drains into drain tile to help reduce hydrostatic pressure along the basement walls

Interior Drainage Systems

  • Installed with the slab edge or above the concrete slab
  • Controls moisture
  • Directs the flow of water away from the foundation
  • No disruption to landscaping
  • Performed year-round
  • Cost-effective method

If your home has foundation failure and water exposure, our team of experts can restore your foundation to normal. Our foundation repair products include helical piers and steel push piers. Both piers are installed below the active soil to stabilize and support the structure.

Our waterproofing and foundation repair products are made by Earth Contact Products, the leading manufacturer in the underpinning and waterproofing industry. Contact Jerry’s Waterproofing if you need a professional with years of experience. We’ll make sure the job is done right and on time. We proudly serve the Omaha, NE area. Contact us today for a free estimate!