Basement Waterproofing Problems and Solutions for Iowa

common basement waterproofing problems in Iowa

It doesn’t matter whether you own residential or commercial property in Iowa, water can cause damage. Water doesn’t care if you have an empty basement or a basement you use for storage, or even if you have a basement you use for living or working in. If you own your property, water can be a constant concern. We can help you know what to look out for and how to prevent water problems from ruining your Iowa home or business. Let’s take a look at some common water problems and their solutions.

Common Basement Waterproofing Problems

Problem 1: Wall / Floor Cracks

Wall cracks are just a water problem waiting to happen. If water is around your foundation, whether the cracks are in the floor or the walls, it will find its way into the basement via these cracks. It is important to note whether or not the wall is bowing or leaning where the cracks are occurring. It is also important to note if the floor is sloping or sagging at the point of any cracks in the floor. This could indicate more than just a water problem, it could be a foundation problem as well.

Wall / Floor Crack Solutions

If the walls are bowing and leaning then you may need wall anchors to resolve the issue. Piers might need to be installed beneath the floor if you notice sagging or settlement. It is a smart move to have cracks filled with an epoxy solution or chemical grouting. This can be injected into cracks to prevent further leaks.

Problem 2: Water / Moisture in Your Basement

When it rains, snows, or even if your gutters aren’t cleaned out and your downspouts aren’t pointing out and away from your foundation, water will build up around your foundation walls. Remember those cracks we mentioned above? That water will enter through those cracks. Basements in older structures sometimes are built with cinder blocks or other masonry products where water can easily find its way in.

Wet Basement Solutions

If you have water in your basement already, you want to have an interior waterproofing system installed as soon as possible. This may consist of a drainage system and include a sump pump, sump pit, and sump basin. We recommend considering a battery backup sump pump. Iowa sees storms in the spring and summer, and if the power goes out, you have a backup sump pump to keep pumping the water out and away from your basement and foundation. We also might recommend a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air, to help prevent mold and mildew. It is important to note that each basement, home, or business is different and may require different waterproofing solutions. We can provide you with an estimate and help you decide on the solution best for you.

Problem 3: Water in the Yard / Landscaping

When the ground around your home is saturated, water can pool in your yard. If you live around a creek, river, or lake, the water table might be pretty low, and this can occur faster. This can lead to huge headaches including flooding of your basement.

Solutions for Standing Water in Your Iowa Yard

By installing an exterior waterproofing solution that might include french drains, downspouts, water collection, and more, Jerry’s Waterproofing can help move standing water out and away from your foundation keeping your home safe from water intrusion. We use waterproofing products from Earth Contact Products and there is a wide selection of waterproofing tools we can use to suit your specific needs.

Right now it might be cold and snowy, but soon that snow will melt, and will be looking for a way into your home. Remember that the team and Jerry’s Waterproofing can help you protect your Iowa home or business with a custom waterproofing solution for you. Call us today to get an estimate and get started. Keep your home or business dry, mold-free, and healthy with our help!