Prevent Basement Floor Leaks & Cracks in Omaha

What Floor Leaks Mean for Your Omaha Home

When the ground beneath your home is poorly compacted, or there is excess water built up around and beneath your foundation, problems can easily occur. If you have a finished basement in the Omaha area, or Nebraska and Iowa, you may find that you don’t notice floor cracks and floor leaks until it is too late. Jerry’s Waterproofing suggests that homeowners inspect their basement walls and even the exterior of their foundation for cracks. If you are seeing them in the walls, they could also be present under the flooring in your basement. If your basement is not finished, we recommend inspecting it frequently for cracks as they may lead to leaks in the floor.

Basement Floor Leak Solutions for Your Omaha Home

At the first sign of moisture, or even if you just see a crack in the foundation walls or foundation floors, we can inspect your basement to let you know what we recommend as a solution. We offer sump pump repairs if you already have a sump pump, but we can also inspect your sump pump system and make sure it is working efficiently enough to handle the water around your foundation. In conjunction with a good sump pump, sump pit, and sump basin, we offer exterior and surface drainage. It is important in the Fall and Spring to clean your gutters and check your downspouts to make sure that they are functioning properly. If you don’t perform these tasks, it can add to the water that is building pressure around your foundation walls and floor that leading to basement floor leaks. We can install exterior waterproofing that will lead water down and away from your home’s foundation which can also help prevent water buildup around your foundation. We can find a solution that fits the needs that are specific to your home.

Omaha is prone to snowy winters and wet springs, this is the time to be watching your foundation for leaks in the walls and flooring. With your watchful eye and the expert waterproofing team from Jerry’s Waterproofing, we can ensure that your basement remains dry and your belongings are safe. Really, what good is having a basement if you can’t use it? Count on the team at Jerry’s Waterproofing to provide you with the best advice for your leaky basement in Omaha. We only install the very best waterproofing products in your basement from Earth Contact Products. We install:

  • French Drains
  • Sump Pumps
  • Sump Pits
  • Sump Basins
  • Vapor Barriers
  • Battery Backup Sump Pumps
  • Surface Drainage
  • Other Interior and Exterior Waterproofing Solutions

Call today to learn more about our experienced team and how we can assist you with your basement floor leaks in Omaha. Don’t let floor leaks and cracks keep you from using your basement the way it was meant to be used. Call today!

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