Bowed Wall Repair in Iowa – Problems to Watch For

Bowed Wall Problems in Iowa

There is a multitude of foundation problems, one more indicator is bowing foundation walls. These structural flaws weaken the basement walls as well as cause serious foundation problems. Because wall problems are hard to spot, it is best to hire a licensed professional. At Jerry’s Waterproofing, our experts can examine your basement walls. We will locate the source to prevent further damage to your Iowa home.

bowed walls

So what causes bowing basement walls? The condition of the soil around your foundation can have a huge impact on the foundation. Some soil-related factors include:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Snowmelt and heavy rainfall cause the soil to swell. This creates pressure against the foundation walls, causing them to bow or crack. As the soil dries, it pulls away from the walls, creating more damaging effects to your foundation.
  • Poor Drainage: Clogged gutters and missing downspout extensions cause water to surround the foundation. This creates pressure against the foundation walls, causing bowing walls.
  • Inadequate Grading: Without proper grading, water can flow down into your foundation walls.
  • Poor Construction: Poorly built basement walls can compromise the home’s structure. Some issues such as wrong sized sill plates or poorly compacted soil can lead to cracking and bowing over time.
  • Maturing Tree Roots: As trees grow larger, so do their roots. Tree roots push against the foundation walls, causing them to bow.

Look for more foundation problems such as:

These signs accompanied by bowing walls may show foundation problems.

Bowed Wall Repair for Basements in Iowa

helical piersIf you have bowing basement walls, Jerry’s Waterproofing offers many foundation repair solutions. We use products made by Earth Contact Products such as helical piers. Helical piers consist of helical brackets to strengthen and stabilize structures. Our experts can install these piers without causing disturbance to the work area. Piers are immediately load transferred once installed to support and stabilize the foundation walls.

For adequate drainage around your home, we offer effective waterproofing methods including sump pumps. Our sump pumps, usually located in the basement, help remove water that has accumulated in a sump basin.

Another method we offer is a French drain system that stops water from entering and damaging the foundation. They consist of drain tiles used to direct the path of water. Also, they have a filtration process that contains geotextile fabrics placed onto the gravel.

Don’t ignore your bowing walls. Neglecting the problem will only escalate the issue, costing you more money in the long run. Contact Jerry’s Waterproofing today for help with your basement wall problems. We guarantee free estimates for every foundation repair project in Iowa!

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