Egress Window Well Covers Prevent Basement Flooding

Egress Window Well Covers Prevent Basement Flooding

Most people think about the egress window well covers as something to prevent critters from getting into your window well. If you have had mice, frogs, or snakes in your window well, you’ll agree this is a great reason to have egress window wells covered.

But it’s not the only good reason to cover those window wells. It’s possible that the egress window well covers prevent basement flooding and seepage.


The Benefits of Egress Window Wells

There are numerous reasons to consider egress windows for your basement. They let in natural light and make your basement more welcoming. They allow for ventilation in an area that is known for being musty, dank, and dark. But most importantly they can create a means for escape from the basement in the case of fire. They also allow you to use your basement as an actual living space. This extra living space can improve the value of your home.

Proper Egress Window Well Installation and a Custom Cover are the Keys

The first step to preventing leaks is by having your egress window wells properly installed. To have your window well cover helps prevent flooding however you need to have custom-made window well covers that are made of more than just cheap plastic. They will wear well in harsh heat and bad weather and will help prevent excess water from getting into the window well and then into your basement.

It is important to have your egress window wells properly installed and the right kind of covers for those window wells installed as well. For help with your egress windows contact the team at Jerry’s Waterproofing. We know basements, foundations, and waterproofing and can help you keep your basement dry! To learn more or to have us prepare an estimate for you contact us at (402) 392-2211.