Get Peace of Mind On Vacation With a Battery Backup Sump Pump

Get Peace of Mind on Vacation with Backup Battery Sump Pump

What is worse than returning to reality after a relaxing summer vacation? Coming back to a flooded home. Not only does water damage cost a lot of money to repair, but it also can be dangerous. Water damage can cause mold growth, insect infestation, and structural damage. When you’re out of town, there isn’t much you can do when disaster strikes, but hopefully, we can give you peace of mind with a battery backup sump pump. 

What Can Happen While You’re Away

Water damage in your home can happen from several different causes. It could be something as small as a toilet leak or a busted washing machine hose. When these issues are left unattended for an extended period, they can cause a great deal of damage. 

However, a sump pump malfunction during a storm is the biggest and most common issue. Nebraska and Iowa are highly susceptible to rainstorms during the summer, so your home will likely experience a power outage at some point. When the power is out, and water starts pouring into your basement, your sump pump does not have a chance to pump that water out to protect your home from damage. This can be even more disastrous when you are away on vacation, and no one is there to hook up a second power source like a generator or bail out water. 

The Solution? Battery Backup Sump Pump

Luckily, we offer battery backup sump pumps to ensure this kind of disaster doesn’t happen. To help you keep your basement dry, Jerry’s Waterproofing has three battery backup sump pumps by Pro Series

  • PHCC Pro Series 1000
  • PHCC Pro Series 1850
  • PHCC Pro Series 2400

All three models automatically switch to battery power when the AC fails, so you can rest assured that your basement is covered even during a power outage. The 1850 and 2400 models even have remote monitoring capabilities with additional PHCC Pro Series CONNECT MODULES, which allow you to receive real-time alerts. 

By investing in our Pro Series Pumps, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • High performance
  • Protect valuables, including carpet, drywall, and tile
  • Protection against flooding caused by a power outage
  • Protect your family’s health from toxic mold
  • Protection against primary pump failure

So, if you’re worried about going out of town because of the possibility of a power outage, let Jerry’s Waterproofing put your mind at ease with a battery backup sump pump. We are your experts in sump pump installation in Iowa and Nebraska, dedicated to protecting your home. Contact us today and book that trip!