What Excess Water Can Do To Your Foundation Walls and Basement

Too much water in your basement can be problematic. It can damage foundation walls, ruin the carpet, discolor furniture, and lead to mold growth. But the most destruction occurs when water destroys family heirlooms which include family photos and valuable antiques. If you notice water in your basement, don’t panic! It’s important to find the source. You should also have a general understanding of how it affects your basements, including foundation walls.

How Water Can Affect Foundation Walls

Excess water affects foundation walls in multiple ways:

  • Hydrostatic Pressure: When water saturates the soil underneath the foundation, it creates hydrostatic pressure against the foundation walls. As hydrostatic pressure increases, the walls may push inward, crack, then bow. Water seeps through the cracks and wall joints, creating water puddles and standing water in the basement. Unfortunately, hydrostatic pressure can occur suddenly, during heavy periods of rain, or over time.
  • Soil Expansion: Some areas in Nebraska and Iowa consist of clay soil. This type of soil expands when saturated with water, creating enormous pressure against foundation walls. As the pressure increases, walls will bow, lean, and eventually crack.
  • Soil Erosion: Excess water can slowly erode the soil that supports the foundation. This leads to foundation settlement and sinking. You may notice the early warning signs of settlement, such as sloping floors, foundation cracks, wall cracks, sticking windows/doors, and leaning chimneys.
  • Inconsistent Moisture Levels: In some cases, there may be inconsistent moisture levels in the soil. Some areas may be saturated and dry in others. When this takes place, this creates pressure against foundation walls from the outside. As a result, the wall may crack or lean in one section.

How To Protect Your Foundation Walls and Basement

If you notice a leak or standing water in your basement, accompanied by a sinking foundation, hire a professional to inspect the situation before your home’s structure is compromised.

At Jerry’s Waterproofing, we can implement a basement waterproofing drainage system to capture water seepage before it floods the basement floor. We also provide foundation repair service to keep your home’s structure sturdy and avoid costly repairs in the future.

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