Floor Repair Services in Omaha

Omaha residents need a trustworthy, reliable company that they can depend on when they have floor cracks in their homes. At Jerry’s Waterproofing, we offer foundation repair to eliminate cracked floors and settled concrete slabs. In Omaha, we are here to help you find the reason why you have basement cracks and make stop them from reoccurring. We are reliable floor repair contractors that you can trust to get the job done right the first time.

What Causes Floor Cracks?

Before getting floor repairs, our specialized team will help you determine what is causing your floor cracks. There are many reasons why your foundation is settling, but water is the number one enemy. There is either too much moisture or too little.  Most foundation repairs are due to organic soils, erosion, soil shrinkage, and poor soil compaction. The soil underneath the foundation can no longer support and stabilize the weight of your home. As a result, foundation cracks and wall cracks can occur. Over time, the cracks will grow causing water seepage and leaks. During heavy rainfall, this could lead to major basement flooding and destroy your carpet, appliances, furniture, and drywall. At Jerry’s Waterproofing, we will assess the situation and provide floor repair solutions.

How Can I Repair My Floor?

After you notice floor cracks, look for other signs of foundation failure. Signs can be in the interior, exterior, basement, or garage of your home. In the interior, check to see if your windows are misaligned. Do you notice cracks in the drywall? Make sure the windows can open and shut properly. Go outside and check the bricks and foundation for cracks. Does your chimney lean to one side? There should not be gaps around the doors and windows. Check your basement for bowing/leaning walls and wall cracks. If you notice any of these signs, you may have foundation failure.

Repairing floor cracks is not a handyman’s job, you need to hire a professional. Our specialized team will find out what is causing your floor cracks and offer foundation repair solutions. Without making the necessary repairs, the cracks will get worse over time and create safety issues such as mold and mildew.

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Floor Repair Solutions for Omaha

Our team of professionals offers foundation repair solutions to fix your damaged floors. We use steel push piers and helical piers for structural foundation repairs on settling foundations. The function of steel piers stabilizes the structure’s load-bearing walls by supporting the weight of the structure from the weak soil onto the steel piers. Helical piers offer stabilization for light structural loads and deep load-bearing layers. Both piers raise and stabilize the foundation by closing the cracks.

We also offer different injection methods to seal floor cracks. These methods prevent the cracks from spreading and getting larger. Our specialized floor repair team will determine the best foundation repair method for your floors.

Floor cracks are a serious issue that requires immediate attention. If your floor cracks need to be repaired, call Jerry’s Waterproofing today. Avoid water leaks and floods before it ruins your home. We are your floor repair team for Omaha.