How Should You Prepare for Waterproofing?

So, you have decided that your basement needs work, but now how do you prepare for waterproofing services? There are a handful of things that will make things easier, both for you and the repairman. Let’s talk about some housekeeping that you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly while your home is being repaired.

General Guide to Prepare for Waterproofing Services

Proper preparation before your waterproofing specialist arrives at your home is key to minimizing worries and headaches during the waterproofing process. This preparation helps create a more organized and efficient work space, allowing the waterproofing professionals to complete their tasks effectively.

Check for Water

If there is already water flooding your basement, finding the source of where your leak is coming from will help save time when the repairman comes. There are different options available for waterproofing, depending on the source of the intrusion. Identifying the source will help you choose the most suitable waterproofing method. Products used may include Sump Pumps and Waterproofing Membranes.

Clear Pathways and Access Points

Ensure that there is unobstructed access to the areas requiring waterproofing. Clear any clutter, debris, or personal items from hallways, staircases, and entrances leading to the work area. This helps your waterproofing team easily access the work space and minimize potential delays.

Prepare the Area to be Waterproofed

When you have work done, clearing the area surrounding the leak will ensure that the repairman has plenty of space to work. Moving larger items to the center to the room is also a good idea.

If there are items in your basement that you cannot move, take measures to protect them during the waterproofing process – Cover furniture, electronics, or other valuables with waterproof tarps. Whenever possible, move these items to a different location in your home to prevent potential damage or contamination.

Prepare for Dust

A big thing to prepare for, because there will be a lot of it, is dust. Many homeowners don’t realize just how much dust is created when waterproofing services are done. One precaution that you can take to mitigate dust from getting everywhere is to turn off your air conditioner or furnace. Block or seal any vents. Doing this will help keep the dust contained in your basement.

Make Accomodations for Pets and Children

If you have pets or young children, make appropriate arrangements to ensure their safety and minimize disruptions while the waterproofing service is being done. Consider confining pets to a separate area or arranging for them to stay with family or friends temporarily. Supervise children and keep them away from the work area for their safety.

More Info

Doing these things to prepare for waterproofing will not only make the repairman’s life easier, but it will get the actual repairs done more quickly. Big repairs can be stressful and headache-inducing, so preparing your space with some housekeeping can go a long way in making sure everything goes smoothly. Jerry’s Waterproofing offers only the best products on the market, including Sump Pumps manufactured by Glentronics and TUFF-N-DRI Waterproofing Membranes.

If you need repairs or have more questions contact Jerry’s Waterproofing.