Manufacturers that We Work With and Trust

All of us at Jerry’s Waterproofing take pride in the work that we do for every one of our customers. We make sure that our contractors are trained with the latest knowledge and techniques and we equip them with the best products, tools, and equipment that is available. Here are some of our favorite manufacturers to make sure your home or business is strong, dry, and stable.

Earth Contact Products (ECP)

Located in Olathe, KS, ECP has become the leading foundation repair manufacturer in the industry. ECP makes all of their products right here in the United States and includes helical anchors, plate anchors, steel piers, and waterproofing solutions. Contractors all over the country swear by their ECP products and we know you’ll be happy with them, too.

Tremco Barrier Solutions

Jerry’s Waterproofing takes the dryness of your home or business very seriously. We have found that the waterproofing membrane, Watchdog, by Tremco, is a reliable product. Designed for poured concrete foundations, it features a flexible membrane that is polymer-enhanced. The membrane is spray-applied allowing it to bridge the cracks in the foundation.

Bilco Company

In 1926, the Bilco company began serving the building industry, gaining a reputation for quality and durability with engineers, architects, and contractors.  Their egress windows, window wells, and covers are installed by the professionals of Jerry’s Waterproofing.

Rhino Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber is being used more and more for waterproofing and foundation repair.  The fabric can be used to strengthen bowing walls and to patch up cracks in the walls or floor. We use Rhino Carbon Fiber because of the quality and that they offer a transferable limited lifetime warranty.


Jerry’s Waterproofing is proud to offer sump pumps, water alarms, and battery backup sumps from Glentronics. Both Jerry’s Waterproofing and Glentronics both want homeowners to have products they can rely on. Their reliable and efficient sump pump systems are an important part of our waterproofing systems.

When you hire Jerry’s Waterproofing, you can rest easy knowing we have a whole team of reliable manufacturers behind us. Contact us today to learn more about all of our products and what Jerry’s Waterproofing can do for your home or business.