Protect Your Foundation from Damage During the Summer Months

Photo of a home with the words "Protect your foundation during the summer months"

With the summer just beginning, there are countless things a homeowner can do to maintain and protect their home. One of the most important things to is keep an eye on the foundation of the home. During the hot summer months, water evaporates and in turn making the soil dry. This especially is a problem in southern and dry areas that are prone to extreme droughts and heatwaves. Here are some signs and tips to protect your home’s foundation from damage this summer:

Finding signs of Damage

Since your foundation bears all the weight of your home, you will find signs of foundation problems throughout your home. Some obvious examples are cracks found on your foundation, drywall, and exterior walls. These signs will tell you right away that your foundation is in need of repair. Some not-so-obvious signs are gaps or misalignments in doors and windows.

Preventing Damage

Make sure the soil around your home is well hydrated! If you are noticing dirt nearest to your home is dried out, make sure to use a sprinkler or a hose to hydrate the soil. This prevents any soil shrinkage and the foundation from dropping and settling. Another preventive measure in protecting your home is installing a moisture barrier around your foundation. A moisture barrier will prevent the water in the soil around your home from evaporating, further protecting your foundation.

Don’t wait!

When you first see signs of foundation damage don’t wait! To protect your foundation from damage and avoid further harm down the line make sure you contact an expert to find solutions in further protecting your home. Waiting to resolve this problem can lead to larger problems down the line such as plumbing problems and roof damage. If you find signs of foundation damage or have any further questions Call or Contact Us here at Jerry’s Waterproofing!