Protecting Your Home During Springtime Rains

Problems Due to Poor Yard Drainage

Jerry’s Waterproofing often gets calls from homeowners during rainy Spring and Summer months. Often yards, driveways, and sidewalks in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa become flooded due to excess water and slow runoff. Poor yard drainage can cause many problems in your home’s lawn and gardens, concrete surfaces, basement and crawl space, and foundation. These include the following:

  • Mud in your lawn so children and pets cannot play
  • Lawn problems due to insects and fungi
  • Saturated soil so plants can’t thrive
  • Maturing trees and root systems
  • Damage to exterior concrete surfaces
  • Water seeping into your basement and crawl space
  • Cracking and settling of your foundation

Causes of Poor Yard Drainage

Lawn drainage problems are common in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa during spring. Following are some of the causes of poor drainage:

  • Driveways, sidewalks, or patios spilling water toward the foundation
  • Improper grading of the soil toward the foundation
  • Type of soil next to the foundation which retains water

Preventing Poor Yard Drainage

The best solutions to yard drainage problems depend on providing an alternative place for excess water to flow. These include:

  • Digging trenches to catch excess water
  • Installing drains and pipes to remove water from the yard
  • Fixing gutters and downspouts to remove water away from the foundation

Fixing Problems Due to Poor Yard Drainage

Foundation Repair

If poor yard drainage has caused problems with your home’s foundation, Jerry’s Waterproofing is experienced in diagnosing and implementing foundation repair. If excess water pressure has caused foundation walls to lean or bulge, foundation floors to settle, or created cracks in the foundation, we provide the best quality ECP products and services to repair your foundation so that it is stable, strong, and lasts a long time.

Basement Waterproofing

If poor yard drainage is causing water to seep into your basement, Jerry’s also provides outstanding basement waterproofing services. We repair leaking cracks, install waterproofing membranes, and install drainage tiles, sump pump wells, and sump pumps to keep water away from your floors, furnishings, and possessions.  Whether you live in Omaha, Nebraska or Des Moines, Iowa, we can protect your basement against water damage and foundation failure.

Crawlspace Waterproofing

If your crawlspace is wet or damp due to poor yard drainage, Jerry’s Waterproofing can repair that also. We can seal, encapsulate, and dehumidify your crawlspace to keep out mold and mildew, insects, and dry rot caused by excess moisture. This not only keeps your structure from deteriorating but improves air quality and lowers your energy bills.

Jerry’s Waterproofing Solves Poor Drainage Issues

Whatever your problems are with poor yard drainage or the consequences of it, Jerry’s Waterproofing will provide the solution, quality products, and outstanding service for you and your home.  We have been in business in Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa since 1976. In addition to the above services, we also provide egress window installations and radon mitigation services.

Don’t let the rainy season get you down! We will repair any problems you have and protect your home from damage due to excess water and poor drainage. Contact us today!