Spring Has Sprung!

It has been a long and brutal winter, but it feels like Spring may be finally here. The winter was frigid and had large amounts of snow and rain. Nebraska homes and businesses took a beating the last few months, so it’s time to make sure your home is strong, stable, and secure. Here are some tips from the pros at Jerry’s Waterproofing to help you with your Spring cleaning and repairs.


Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Check Your Home’s Exterior

Now that the temperature is above freezing, but not yet scorching, it is a good time to check your home’s exterior. Look for loose or damaged siding and figure out if it is something you can repair or if you need to hire someone to fix it. It is also a great time to decide if you need to paint doors, window frames, or the whole house.

The winter weather pounded on your house for months and the summer sun is just around the corner to finish the job. A fresh paint job can make your house look great while adding a layer of protection to the home.  You can also take this time to look for any cracks in the walls or foundation.

Clean Your Gutters

You may not give much thought to your gutters, but they play an important role in keeping your home dry and safe. They should drain easily and well away from the foundation. By keeping the water away from your home’s walls, it will help prevent flooding and water damage.

Make sure the gutters and downspouts are free from debris and are securely mounted and not leaking. The end of the downspouts should empty at least 10 feet away from the foundation.

Clear Drains, Vents, and Filters

Now is a good time to walk around your home and make sure that drains are clear and running freely, and vents and filters are clean and working correctly.

Drains can become clogged with debris left from melting snow and ice or spring thunderstorms. Check the drains and clear any rocks, mud, sticks, or other items that may keep them from working properly.

Vents and filters on air conditioning units, dryer vents, and other air ducts can become dirty from pollen, dirt, and other pollutants. Clean or replace them to keep the air you breathe indoors healthy and to keep vents from being clogged or not working correctly.

A little time spent on this can save you from problems or health issues down the road.

Time For Yardwork

You’ve probably looked out at your yard and just sighed. Sticks, gravel, and trash litter your yard, the grass is patchy and needs to be mowed, it just seems like a mess. The warm weather gives you the energy to get out there and tackle it, though!

In addition to making your yard look nice, you can use this time to protect your home from water damage. Make sure that any surface drainage systems are clog-free and unbroken. Fill in any holes or depressions that can prevent water from draining properly away from your home.

Trim back any bushes or foliage you have around your home. They can also prevent water from draining away from the foundation walls.

How’s Your Roof?

Winter weather can put a beatdown on your roof. Shingles can be damaged or even missing, leaving your home unprotected. You’ll need to check for cracked, buckled, or loose shingles, along with damaged or missing flashing. You may have to hire a contractor to make the necessary repairs.

Keeping your roof in good condition can keep out water and lower your energy costs, so it is important to maintain the quality of your shingles and flashing.

Look at the Foundation

Now that you’ve checked the top of your house, it’s time to check the bottom. Take a walk around the outside of your home and look for any cracks or damage to the foundation.

Even a hairline crack can allow water or pests to enter your home, causing bigger problems, the longer they go unrepaired. This is something you should contact a professional (like Jerry’s Waterproofing) to inspect. A small crack may be nothing to worry about, but it could also be the first sign of a bigger problem.

A Little Maintenance Now Can Prevent Big Problems Later

By taking the time to check your house and yard now, while the weather is pleasant, you can keep yourself from having to deal with costly issues later. All of the steps mentioned above should be done regularly to retain your home’s value and to stay ahead of any foundation or water issues.

Jerry’s Waterproofing has years of experience dealing with water and foundation problems in Iowa and Nebraska. Let us help you keep your home dry and safe for years to come. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free estimate.