Nebraska and Iowa’s Record-Breaking Flooding

After a long and brutal winter, you would think we’d all get a break from Mother Nature’s wrath. Unfortunately, the Midwest has seen historic flooding, especially in Nebraska and Iowa.

Not only have the flood depths been high, but the length of the flooding has been endless. Farmland is covered in water and debris, preventing farmers from getting into the fields this year and possibly even longer. The flooding was initially caused by a bomb cyclone in March that dumped rain on a snowpack that was already waterlogged. The runoff raised rivers throughout the region with some having multiple crests and ebbs. Levies and sandbags are failing after holding back swollen rivers month after month. Nebraska and Iowa have seen dams fail or breached. People have been evacuated all over the area.

The weather cycle hasn’t helped dry out the region. For every one or two days of dry, sunny weather, the area has seen multiple days of cold, dark, rainy storms in April and May. This never-ending barrage of rain is taking its toll on the homes and businesses in Iowa and Nebraska.

Even if properties weren’t directly impacted by flooded rivers and tributaries, the amount of rain has also caused water problems for locations that are normally dry after storms. When the ground was frozen, the water and nowhere to go took the path of least resistance through cracks in foundations and floors. Once the soil thawed, the water went into the ground, causing it to be oversaturated and expansive. The pressure of the soil and water can cause walls to bow or lean. Lastly, the soil loses its strength when oversaturated. It can no longer support the structure and the building’s foundation can begin to sink.

Help is Here From Jerry’s Waterproofing

Jerry’s Waterproofing has been serving Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska since 1976. We’ve seen it all and fixed it all. We have the tools and expertise to keep your home or business dry and strong. Below are some of the services we offer to people all over the area.

Foundation Repair

If your home or business is sinking or unlevel, Jerry’s Waterproofing can use piering products from Earth Contact Products to protect your building. The weight of the structure is placed onto the piers, transferring it from the weaker soil it was sitting on.

Basement Waterproofing

We are proud to offer both interior and exterior waterproofing. Jerry’s Waterproofing can install drain pipes, sump pits, and pumps, drain tile, and other waterproofing equipment.

Crawl Space Repair, Recovery, and Encapsulation

Along with basements, Jerry’s Waterproofing can help with crawl spaces. We can keep it clean and dry, providing a stable base for your home or business.

Other Services

In addition to the flood-related repairs that are listed above, Jerry’s Waterproofing also offers waterproofing solutions for new construction, radon services, egress window installation, and vapor barriers.

We hope that you are safe after these floods and storms. Let us help you keep your property strong, stable, and dry.

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