Sump Pump Installation in Lincoln


Sump Pump Installation in Lincoln

Sump pumps play an important role in preventing water issues in basements. It gives you sump pump Lincolnan extra piece in the role of basement waterproofing. A sump pump removes water that has accumulated in the sump basin. The sump basin also called the “pit”, is normally located at the lowest point in a basement or crawl space. They have a hole in each side for incoming drain tile systems and have a sturdy sealed lid. As groundwater fills the pit to a certain level, a float or other switching device activates a pump. When this switch is activated, the water is dispelled outside and the pit then starts to collect water again and the cycle continues.

Installing a sump pump where flooding is common or when the water table is high as it is in Lincoln, is very important. Having water enter the basement can cause significant water damage, encourage the growth of mold and mildew, and create a health hazard if allowed to stand. Sump pumps are a final defense against basement flooding because the water is pumped out from the lowest section of the area before the water can reach the basement floor.

Water Can Damage Your Property

Protecting your investment and possessions along with preventing a health hazard will give you peace of mind. Besides the obvious damages to your belongings, water can cause damage to your foundation. The high water table in Lincoln can cause the ground to become unstable due to water saturation. Installing a sump pump will keep the surface soil stable. Jerry’s Waterproofing can help you with your sump pump needs. We only use the best products to assure you that you are getting the quality sump pump that you need to keep your basement safe from water. We also offer a battery backup pump that will keep your sump pump going in case of an electrical outage. The Star Water System products give you the quality you are looking for.

sump pumpsJerry’s Waterproofing also can help you maintain your equipment. Pumps that run frequently due to high water tables or weather conditions should be examined frequently. We will examine your sump pump to make sure it is running effectively and repair it if necessary. We will examine it and clean it by removing any dirt, gravel, sand, or other debris to increase the efficiency and extend the life of the pump. The float switch must be clear of any obstructions within the tank.

Jerry’s Waterproofing has been in business since 1976. We service the Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa area. Our professionals know how to handle all your waterproofing needs. With our experience and quality products, you can be assured that your basement and investments will stay safe. When you contact us, we will help you find the solutions you need for your basement waterproofing. Don’t let a wet basement ruin your possessions, health, or foundation. Let us install a quality sump pump system for you. Jerry’s Waterproofing is the sump pump expert in Lincoln!