Wall Leak Repair in Lincoln


Wall Leak Repairs in Lincoln

When you discover water coming through a crack in your basement wall, the first thing Wall Leak Repair Lincolnyou need to do is call a professional. Don’t try to cover up the crack yourself, this can cause more damage because the water will accumulate within the wall and cause more damage. A wall crack can be a sign of foundation settlement and should not be ignored. Call the professionals at Jerry’s Waterproofing to take a look and get to the source of the problem. We will examine and identify the signs and get the problem solved.

Homeowners are always looking for ways to utilize every square inch of living space. Lack of drainage around the foundation can result in water entering the home through wall cracks, floor cracks, and floor seams. A common mistake is when a homeowner finds a wall leak, they try to apply a cement sealant. Coating the surface will not stop leaks. The more cost-effective and permanent repair needs to be done by a professional.

Wall Cracks in Nebraska

Wall cracks will commonly be found near breaks in the wall or the middle of long walls. These cracks will often leak. When our professionals examine your wall leak and discover that your foundation has a problem, we can solve that by underpinning. This is the process of strengthening the foundation by using push piers and helical piers.

helical piersPush piers are driven individually into the ground to stable soil and the entire structure works as the reaction. A friction reduction collar is attached to the galvanized pier pipe. This collar creates an opening in the soil that has a larger diameter than the pier pipe. This reduces the skin friction on the pier pipe as it is driven into the soil and is then load tested to verify that the pier has found the firm rock that will support the design load.

Helical piers are used when there is a need to resist a tension or compressive force or both. There are many advantages of using helical piers. They are easy to install, there is little vibration, immediate load transfer upon installation, installs below active soils, can be installed in all weather conditions, and there is little to no disturbance to the job site.

If our professionals find that all you need is your wall leak repaired and there is no foundation repair needed, we can fill the cracks by filling them with a high-strength epoxy injection resin that bonds the concrete back together. These epoxies are used for structural repair of foundation cracks and stop water from entering the cracks. It will fill the crack and return the wall to its original strength. It is recommended that a professional inspect and diagnoses the cracks before any repairs are performed. Jerry’s Waterproofing is your professional wall leak repair experts.

Whatever reason you are having a wall leak, our professionals can help. Contact us today for a free estimate. We will examine and diagnose the problem and give your best solution to get the wall leak repaired. Don’t hesitate, call today!

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