Waterproofing in the Winter? Absolutely!

Old Man Winter has already shown his face this year, so you may feel it is too late to waterproof your home. In reality, winter is a great time to have waterproofing done. Obviously, frozen water doesn’t leak, but when the warmer weather arrives and the snow and ice melts, you’ll find out quickly if your basement is waterproof.

are you ready for freezing temps and a rough winter?

Problems Caused by a Leaking Basement

Studies by several insurance companies show that approximately 98% of all homes deal with some type of water damage. Nebraska homes can be impacted throughout the year: drenching rains in warm weather, heavy snows in the winter months. When the snow and ice begin to thaw, the water seeps into the soil. Combine that water with spring showers and you can quickly see how a leaky basement wall can be a big problem.

Water in the basement can damage the structure of the home, causing wood to rot and metal to rust. The water can weaken brick and concrete, causing more problems for the home’s stability.  Excess moisture can promote mold growth and pest infestations. Water can damage your belongings and endanger the occupants’ health.

If the water enters a crack and then freezes, it will expand, making the crack even bigger. The pressure caused by water is very strong and can cause a lot of damage. A small hairline crack can quickly become a large crack.

Nebraska snow levels can vary, but ten inches of snow equals an inch of rain. It’s easy to see how a sudden warm spell can cause a lot of water to enter the soil quickly. Especially, if the snow is piled up around your home from shoveling or plowing.

Waterproofing Solutions for the Winter

There are many things you can do to waterproof your home this winter. Preventing small problems now prevents larger problems from occurring later.

Some small things you can do that can make a big difference include:

  • Replace missing gutters and downspouts.
  • Make sure downspouts are draining 5-10′ from the foundation walls.
  • Slope landscaping away from the home.
  • Shut off irrigation systems.
  • Don’t pile snow up against the home.

If you can keep water away from the foundation, you can prevent a lot of water issues. This is true regardless of the season.

In addition to the things you can do, you should have a professional install a waterproofing system. An experienced and knowledgable contractor will inspect your property and determine the best waterproofing solution. These inspections and quotes are usually free, so it doesn’t hurt to have them check out your property.

A good waterproofing system will keep your home dry, strong, and stable.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions

It is possible to prevent water disasters with professional waterproofing solutions from contractors like Jerry’s Waterproofing.

Waterproofing solutions that we recommend:

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