Basement Drainage in Nebraska and Iowa

Basements are one of the most common places in the house to have water damage, but it is also one of the hardest to keep dry.  Trying to fix the problem yourself can be a hassle because you may not know what exactly the problem is that you are trying to fix.  Basement water drainage is frustrating especially when you use this space as a living or storage area.  With water damage in the basement, many things can be damaged or completely ruined.

Water Damage Costs Money

When there is water damage in the home, it can cost a lot of money to replace the items that have been destroyed.  Decorations, books, movies, furniture, and other belongings that might be in your basement can all suffer the consequences of water damage.  Cleaning up a wet basement and making repairs is a long process that could easily be prevented. All it takes is the right help.  When there is a problem with water in your home, call a professional to deal with the situation rather than causing stress for you and your family.

One of the first things that need to be done when there are water problems in your home is to eliminate any sources that could be causing moisture build-up inside.  A common appliance, a humidifier, can be a culprit. The humidifier can cause unnecessary water buildup.  If you need one, run it on the ground floor or higher in the house. The basement shouldn’t need a humidifier. A dehumidifier in the basement or crawlspace may help somewhat with excess water.  Using a dehumidifier is not a permanent fix that solves the problem, but it does help in getting rid of some of the water and the odors.

Also, if there is a downspout or a gutter that is not working properly, it is important to remove and replace them with ones that work correctly.  It is absolutely necessary to remove the things that could be causing more water damage in your home otherwise you will be fighting a losing battle to keep your basement dry.

Basement Water Drainage Solutions in Omaha

There are five main approaches for waterproofing your basement to get rid of your water damage problems with basement drainage.

  1. Install proper gutters and correct grading.  This method gets the water away from the house, so the water runs away from the foundation.  Sometimes this can simply fix the problem by getting the water away from the house.
  2. Installing an exterior drainage system can solve the problem also.  It is the most costly but is the most effective at water control approach.
  3. Having an interior drainage channel above the concrete slab is another approach to waterproofing the home.
  4. You could also follow the approach of having an interior drainage channel within the slab edge.  This one involves a sump pump to help get rid of the water damage.
  5. Lastly, there is the interior drainage system beneath the slab.  This method should be taken care of by a professional, so it is done properly to fix your problems.
This image shows water drainage solutions being put into place at a home that Jerry's Waterproofing worked on.

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