What Can You Expect During Foundation Repair?

Aside from worrying about the cost of foundation repair, people worry most about what they can expect with the foundation repair process. We thought we’d shed some light on what happens before, during, and after foundation repairs. Here is what you can expect with foundation repair:

Before Foundation Repairs

Number 1: What to fix and what not to fix!

Before you start your foundation repairs it is important TO FIX any contributing factors. For example, if gutters are leaking and causing water to build up around your foundation, you should repair them. When we do a foundation inspection we can likely tell you the contributing factors so you can address them. If you don’t fix these things prior to repairs they can keep causing problems after repairs are complete.

Problems occurring BECAUSE of foundation problems like drywall cracks or leaking foundation cracks should be repaired AFTER foundation repairs are complete so they don’t just happen again.

Number 2: Expect a bit of a mess

We do our absolute best to keep our work area contained and damage to a minimum. Because we are working up along the foundation it should be expected that some landscaping could be affected. You may be able to temporarily replant some of your bushes or shrubs. Here is a great article that might help if you want to do this.

During Foundation Repairs

Number 1: Expect some noise

We try to be quiet but this one is HARD. We will be doing some digging and may have to break out concrete to access the foundation where concrete is right in front of it. It’s just a part of the process. We know you’ll be so happy when we’re done!

Number 2: We will need to work inside and outside

Every situation is different but we will likely have to work from inside and outside the home to access both sides of the foundation. It also depends on what foundation repair product is needed to repair your problem. There are options based on whether the problem is settlement or bowing of walls. We’ll discuss this part of things with you when we do the inspection. Waterproofing may also be recommended depending on the cause of your problem.

Number 3: Problems may be found when we dig

We’re SO sorry to say it, but sometimes we find problems once the digging process begins. During an inspection, we try to determine as much as we can but sometimes there is something you only uncover once you clear away the dirt/material around the foundation. Keep this in mind when budgeting/securing financing for foundation repairs.

After Foundation Repairs

Number 1: Clean up is a big priority

We’ll try very hard to leave things as close to how we found them as possible. Your satisfaction in our work is very important to us. Foundation repairs should never be put off, we preach this, but we also know how disruptive and stressful it can be. It is our goal to make the process as easy as possible and fix your problem permanently.

Communication is key! If you have questions about any of the points above or want to discuss what to expect with foundation repairs further we are here to answer those questions. Call us today to learn more or to get a free quote for your foundation repairs.