When Am I Required to Have an Egress Window in My Iowa Home?

Iowa Egress Windows Laws and Compliance

While there are not any strict state or federal definitions of what a bedroom is and what a bedroom requires, local governments of the Dallas, Madison, Polk, and Warren counties in Iowa agree that bedrooms have an egress window and a closet. The reason that the egress window is so important in bedrooms is that it offers an emergency escape route during situations such as a fire, robbery, storm, or other situations. While lawmakers have tossed around the idea of a minimum ceiling requirement in bedrooms, the requirement of having an egress window in the bedroom remains the same.

The egress window is especially important in basement bedrooms where there is not usually as much easy access to the outside of the home. Egress windows are required in all sleeping rooms of a home. The only time an egress window is not required in a bedroom is if the room already contains an exit door or an access door that leads to a yard, court, exterior balcony/patio, or public way.

Some of the requirements for egress windows in Iowa specifically include:

  • Maximum sill height of 44″
  • The minimum opening area of 5.7 sq. ft.
  • Minimum opening height of 24″
  • The minimum opening width of 20″
  • Window well required where the sill height is below ground
  • The horizontal dimension of > 9 sq. ft.
  • Horizontal projection of > 36″
  • A permanent ladder required if the window well is deeper than 44″
  • The grate must be removable without special tools

These are some of the egress windows laws and compliance applications in Iowa that you should be aware of if you are considering building new construction in Iowa.

Where to Come to Fulfill Iowa Egress Windows Laws and Compliance?

The egress window installation team at Jerry’s Waterproofing will make sure that your egress windows are up to code and are safe for you and your family. When it comes to egress windows, a concern that many people have is water buildup. However, we can help prevent water pooling in your egress windows. To do this, we install a drainage system under the egress window that removes excess groundwater and helps the window well stay free of stagnant water.

While these are some of the general requirements and laws regarding egress window installation in Iowa, it is important to check with the contractors at Jerry’s Waterproofing or with your builder if you want to find out more about local laws that concern egress window laws in Iowa.

Contact us today to find out how we can install the perfect, safe, egress window for your Iowa home and to learn more about Iowa egress windows laws and compliance.