Why You Need an Egress Window Cover

Egress windows are a must-have nowadays in any basement that has a bedroom or living space. In addition to providing extra light, they are also safety features. Egress windows serve as an emergency exit when there is no way to get up the stairs. There are specific dimensions and requirements that must be met when installing an egress window, which you can read about here. But what about egress window covers? Though they are not required, we do recommend them. Here are just a few benefits to having a cover on your egress window.

Benefits of an Egress Window Cover

1. Saves You Energy & Money:

A cover on an egress window well will help conserve energy by adding an extra layer of insulation. On their own, basement windows are not great at keeping temperature-controlled air inside or cold drafts out.

2. Adds Security to Your Home:

Because egress window covers are easily opened from the inside rather than the outside, they can give you peace of mind by keeping intruders out.

3. Acts as a Storm Barrier:

Since your egress window is a safety feature, you want to make sure it stays in tip-top shape. A cover will keep your window safe from storm damage and flooding.

4. Keeps Debris and Wild Animals Out:

A window well can be an easy spot for debris to accumulate or for an animal to hide. Having an egress window cover will save you the hassle of clearing out the well.

5. Adds Extra Safety:

If you have little ones running around in the backyard, having a cover on a window well can make sure they don’t drop toys and/or fall in and injure themselves.

Contact us today for egress window installation by Jerry’s Waterproofing experts, and be sure to ask about a cover. We will make sure that your egress windows are up to code and are safe for you and your family.