Basement Floor Repair

basement floor repair - should a crack worry you?

In your home, there are so many things that could go wrong and it takes the simplest crack to start a domino effect throughout the home. When you see a crack on your floor, it can be very worrisome. To a homeowner, a crack can mean many things and it can be a scary sight at first. When you first see the crack you may not necessarily know why it is there. A small crack on the floor could mean nothing, but if it starts to grow in length and width that is when you have a problem. It is a good idea to keep track of the changes in the length and width of the crack because it could come in handy if you need to tell a contractor about the movement it has been undergoing.

Expansive Soil Can Damage Your Foundation

Many times cracks occur when there is a drought or anytime when there is a lack of moisture in the soil. If there is a lot of clay in the soil underneath your home, then this could be a common thing for you. During a drought, the clay under your home begins to dry out and shrink. This causes cracks to occur on your basement floor. Also, if the cracks are not tended to they can cause more problems. When the moisture comes back, the crack can allow water to seep into the basement of the home. This can cause side effects such as dampness and musty odors and can also cause you to have a moldy basement. There are even possibilities that, if you have an older home,  sewer gas odors can seep through the floor cracks into your basement.

Many times you can go to the store and buy an epoxy kit to fix small and shallow cracks that have to do with settling or shrinkage. The larger cracks need to be handled by a professional repair company. They will assess the situation and handle the problem properly. At Jerry’s Waterproofing we know how to handle these situations, so contact us so that we may be able to deal with your problem today.