Egress Window Guidelines: Iowa & Nebraska

There is no federal code when it comes to egress windows, but many county and local municipalities have rules governing this topic. Make sure to check with your local government building inspector before starting a project. Jerry’s Waterproofing can install an egress window in both new and old construction. However, it is easier to incorporate into the plans before construction begins. Here is some information about egress window guidelines for the states we serve, Nebraska and Iowa.

Importance of an Egress Window

In this article you will learn about the egress window guidelines for Nebraska and Iowa, for windows like those pictured here.

If you are not familiar with an egress window, you may be asking yourself why you need one in your home? An egress window offers the occupants of a bedroom an escape route in case of a fire, storm, home invasion, or other emergencies.

The egress window is important in basement bedrooms, as it is usually more difficult to get out of the area. Many basements only have one way out, a stairwell that leads to the upstairs. An egress window is NOT required if the room already has a door that leads to the yard, exterior patio, or other public areas.

Guidelines for Egress Windows

You can install egress windows in window wells or as a basement window. Depending on your choice, there are a couple of variations in the code. This information was updated on March 2017. If you find any errors or have questions, please contact us or call 402-512-4278.

Window Well Egresses in Nebraska and Iowa

The minimum width of a window well is 36″, with a minimum projection of 36″ also. If there is no egress ladder, the window well can be no deeper than 44″. If there is a permanent egress ladder installed, there is no limit to the depth of the window well.

Basement Window Egresses in Iowa and Nebraska

The minimum opening of the window, if it is above grade is 5.7 square feet. If the window is below grade, the opening can be no smaller than 5.0 square feet. The minimum width of a basement window can be no less than 20″ and the height can be no smaller than 24″.

According to the 2015 International Residential Code, emergency escapes must be able to be operated without the use of keys, tools, or special knowledge.

Make Sure to Follow Egress Window Laws

If you are installing an egress window, make sure that the people doing the work know what they are doing. If you violate the law, they won’t be the ones in trouble, you will be. The experts at Jerry’s Waterproofing stay on top of the codes and laws of Iowa and Nebraska, to make sure you are always in compliance. We install the latest products that follow the rules of the law and are dependable and safe.

Many people are worried about water pooling in the window wells. It can cause flooding and water problems for their Iowa or Nebraska home. Jerry’s Waterproofing makes sure that your egress windows and window wells are waterproof with drainage systems. The systems take care of extra groundwater and prevent stagnant water from pooling in the window well.

This is just a quick overview of what to keep in mind when thinking about egress windows. Contact the professionals at Jerry’s Waterproofing or with your builder if you want to make sure you are following all local rules and laws in Iowa and Nebraska.

Contact us today and learn more about egress windows and all that Jerry’s Waterproofing offers for the people of Nebraska and Iowa.