Wall Anchors Support Bowing Walls

When there is a foundation problem in the home it can cause many other problems, also.  The foundation of the home is a very crucial part of keeping everything together.  If there is a problem found with the foundation, it is necessary to be taken care of immediately to ensure the safety of the home.

Solutions to Foundation Problems

There are several solutions to fix the foundation issue that can easily be done by a professional.  One of the most economical methods for solving the problem is using wall anchors.  Wall anchors are a simple but strong way to hold up the foundation of the home.  They have a simple design that allows foundation repair installers to complete the job quickly and economically with minimal disturbance to the landscaping and the exterior of the home.

How Wall Anchors Work

The purposes of the wall anchors are to permanently stabilize basement and retaining walls that are bowed or cracked without the cost of foundation replacement.  There are many advantages to installing wall anchors in the surrounding areas.  One of the benefits is that the wall anchors can be installed year-round, and most of the jobs can be completed in one day.

When installing, there are minimal disturbances to your home, lawn, and landscaping, unlike some solutions where it seems the whole yard has to be ripped up.  The wall anchors do not utilize floor joists for support.  They also are easy to conceal when finishing your basement.   They do not require constant maintenance and they also restore the property value to your home.  There are an abundant amount of advantages to installing wall anchors in your Omaha home.

Support Your Walls With Anchors

When there are walls that are bowed, cracked, or leaning inward, there is a serious foundation problem with the home and it needs to be taken care of.  Wall anchors are designed and engineered to stabilize cracking and bowed basement walls to fix the issues that have come up.  They are a reliable alternative to the removal and replacement of the foundation walls.  This is a job for a professional, so we would suggest talking to a professional contractor to take care of this problem to be done right.

wall plate from a wall anchor system