What to Do When You Have a Basement Floor Leak in Your Nebraska Home

Understanding Basement Floor Leaks in Nebraska

Basement Floor Leak

Wet basements are an annoying problem for any homeowner. They can also be dangerous, depending on the amount of water and the regularity of occurrence. Keeping your basement dry is an important part of caring for your home. The health of your basement is directly related to the health of your entire home; an unhealthy basement will lead to problems throughout the house. That’s why it’s vital to keep your basement properly waterproofed. Whether it is just a bit of dampness or full-scale flooding, Jerry’s Waterproofing can help you repair your basement floor leak.

If you discover water, dampness, mold, or rot in your basement, it is a good indicator that you have a water issue. The first step when you find a problem is to locate the source of the leak. Check the outside first; often, a problem with the surface drainage system will lead to water leakage indoors. Water that is pooling around the foundation because of the failure of components in the surface drainage systems can often find its way into the basement through cracks in the foundation. Examine the area around the foundation of your home check for common problems:

  • Are the gutters maintained and cleaned out?
  • Do the downspouts extend far enough?
  • Is the ground around the foundation properly sloped?
  • Are the underground drainage pipes fully functioning?
  • Is there a problem with the foundation (settlement, cracking, etc.)?

Once you have checked all these areas, you can proceed indoors and take the necessary means to waterproof your basement.

Waterproofing Solutions for Basement Floor Leaks in Nebraska

Inside, you should plug any cracks or holes in the walls and ceiling of your basement. Water can find its way through the seams between concrete blocks, holes where pipes once penetrated the foundation, and any other cracks that may have formed. If the cracks were caused by a foundation problem, such as bowing walls or settling foundations, you should invest in foundation repair services. Contact a foundation repair specialist immediately to fix the problem and repair the cracks. An exterior drainage system, though expensive, makes a significant difference in the reparation of your basement floor leak. The installation of an exterior drainage system requires lots of invasive excavating and is a complicated process that should only be attempted by professional waterproofing contractors.

If the water problem persists, it is time to decide what type of basement waterproofing system to invest in. The first type of system is an interior drainage channel above the concrete slab. This system consists of a waterproof basement coating on the walls and a drainage channel at the base of the wall and slab floor. This channel collects the water and drains it into a sump pit. From there, the water is pumped out by the sump pump. The next system, an interior drainage channel within the slab edge, does a much better job of draining the water from the inside of the masonry blocks. A drainage channel and drain pipes are connected to the sump pump, and a hole is drilled at the base of every block to improve drainage. The top blocks are capped and a vapor barrier is installed to prevent more water from entering the basement. The most effective type of drainage system is the interior drainage system beneath the slab. In this system, a perforated drain pipe is installed in the perimeter of the footings, collecting the water and channeling it to the sump pump.

No matter which type of solution you decide on for your home, Jerry’s Waterproofing has the necessary services and products from ECP to keep your home dry and safe. If you discover a basement floor leak in your Nebraska home, do not hesitate to contact us!