Wall Anchors in Omaha

wall anchors

When there is a foundation problem in the home it can cause many other problems, also.  The foundation of the home is a very crucial part of keeping everything together.  If there is a problem found with the foundation, it is necessary to be taken care of immediately to ensure the safety of the home. … Continue reading Wall Anchors in Omaha

Chimney Repair in Nebraska

chimney repair

Chimneys are a great addition to any home.   They used to be the main source of heat for homes when there weren’t whole-house heating systems.  Now chimneys are generally a stylistic addition to the home.  A chimney looks nice, but it can be causing great problems to the foundation.  It is important to observe the … Continue reading Chimney Repair in Nebraska

Welcome to the Blog!

sump pumps and other waterproofing solutions

Hello, readers, and welcome to Jerry’s Basement Waterproofing’s new blog!  We’re very excited that you could join us here. Since 1976, Jerry’s Basement Waterproofing Inc. has been saving wet basements and sinking foundations in the Eastern Nebraska and Western Iowa areas.  In addition to our specialty (waterproofing and foundation repair), we also offer radon testing … Continue reading Welcome to the Blog!